The original and comfortable, practical and stylish, convenient and mobile – all these epithets can be easily attributed to the incredibly popular nowadays frameless piece of furniture – Armchairs-bags. Not long ago, bean-bag (translated as “bean bag”) or chair-pear member of a foreign design projects that our fellow citizens have seen in the fashion magazine, […]

This article will give once more about the home interior decoration especially in the luxurious styles. It can be gained based on the designs of the CasaJes that is located in Barcelona, Spain. The interior design of this CasaJes was decorated by the designer Nook Architects and had been completed in cozy and warm styles […]

Since the 13th century, people have learned to cover the glass with a thin layer of tin to give a surface capable of reflecting light and other radiation, the mirror has firmly entered into the everyday life of mankind in various fields. Designers and interests of customers, especially domestic use of mirrors in the interior […]

There are some sorts of kitchen renovation but the most popular one is by removing the wall divider which separates the kitchen with the living room or dining room. This also happens to the kitchen by Charles C. Almonte, AIA A SID. The small kitchen looks more spacious and modern in open design which connects […]

Having celebrate the thanksgiving party or family outing dinner? Of course it will be better if you do it your backyard right beside your swimming pool so the conversation will be so alive and you can play with some fireworks too if you want. Instead of the indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen must deal with the […]